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Helping State Parks Recycle


Texas State Parks currently have less than 50% of their parks that have recycling facilities. It only seems right that a program that provides residents with clean land and water should not be placing non-biodegradable waste into landfills. With the help of local businesses, grants, individuals and volunteers, we have a plan to change this.

We will be providing parks with recycling containers, coordinating with park staff on where to place the waste, then coordinating between local volunteers and recycling centers to get the recyclables moved to a facility. 

This is a multi year project. By the end we will help provide recycling for at least 40 State Parks in Texas. We need your help. This is not a small task and we need the help of everyone who has a concern for the environment. Please donate today, every bit helps and help us get 7 million pounds of waste disposed of properly.