Litter Cleanups

We organize groups of volunteers and staff to get out in our parks to remove litter and harmful trash from our environment. Litter doesn't just look bad, it also has devastating impacts on our environment. Barbed wire, iodized metals, Styrofoam and harmful plastics kill wildlife. These items can also kill off valuable vegetation that guards against soil erosion. 


Dumpsite Removals

From the 1930's to 1980's many parks kept trash on their grounds. These dumpsites were buried and forgotten. They are now becoming exposed and they pose a tremendous safety threat to park visitors and to the wildlife. Metal containers that have iodized have come back to the surface along with piles of broken glass. The threat for contamination of water is present and there is little being done to combat the problem. That is where we come in. These cleanups are much more intensive. Metals must be disposed of properly, glass must be removed and the land has to be finished out to reduce the risk of altering the landscape. Please donate today. These are big projects and we cannot complete them without your help. 

Recycle Texas

Texas State Parks currently have less than 50% of their parks that have recycling facilities. It only seems right that a program that provides residents with clean land and water should not be placing non-biodegradable waste into landfills. With the help of local businesses, grants, individuals and volunteers, we have a plan to change this.

We will be providing parks with recycling containers, coordinating with park staff on where to place the waste, then coordinating between local volunteers and recycling centers to get the recyclables moved to a facility. 

This is a multi year project. By the end we will help provide recycling for at least 40 State Parks in Texas. We need your help. This is not a small task and we need the help of everyone who has a concern for the environment. Please donate today, every bit helps and help us get 7 million pounds of waste disposed of properly.

Supplying Parks With the Resources They Need

State Parks work off of an annual budget. Not everything fits into that plan. They first must address pay of staff and upkeep of buildings. Next is making sure the trails are clean and the grounds are ready for visitors. By the time you get down to educational programs there tends not to be much left. We can help. We supply parks with donations of needed items and funds for ongoing programs. Please donate today and help our parks remain a fantastic tool for education and conservation.