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We have a pollution problem in our parks system. Every year more than 280 million people visit our National Parks. The National Park Services handles more than 100 million pounds of waste nationally per year. Both State and National Parks do their best to keep their areas as clean as possible but, as anyone that has ever walked a trail has noticed, it's just not possible to get all the trash. That's where we come in. Our organization puts together cleanups of State Parks, National Parks and National Forest Areas to help keep our park system clean for future generations to enjoy. We also donate money directly to the NPS and State Parks in order to help offset some of the financial burden our parks systems face.


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We offer a simple solution to battle a complicated problem. It's nice to think that people will pack out what they pack in but that is simply not reality.

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Help keep our public land free of waste and assist our country's park services in getting the money that they need to conserve these wonderful areas for our future generations.


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